Bernd Serafin Thaler - Portrait

During his training at the Fashion Institute Palace Hetzendorf Bernd Serafin Thaler already stood out with his extraordinary creations and his strict conception of beauty and aesthetics.
In Palace Hetzendorf the designer was taught in traditional shoemaking from one of the shoemaker of the Spanish Riding School.
At this time, Bernd Serafin Thaler had already caused a great stir and gained the media’s attention with his spectacular high-fashion creations and decided to start his own brand after his graduation in 2012.

After another three years of gaining extensive knowledge about the craft of shoemaking the designer now focuses on the production of high-quality handcrafted women’s shoes.

The personality of the designer is reflected in his iconic creations. He describes his works as wearable art and his style as extravagantly over the top. The designer’s strong and unique design-aesthetic is inspired by a large variation of different influences and he refuses to obey to current fashion trends.

He believes that to be the only way truly unique creations can be created and new trends set.

“I am creating my own fabulous world, surrounded by strong personalities and sky-high heels” – Bernd Serafin Thaler

Bernd Serafin Thaler Shoes Atelier
Bernd Serafin Thaler Platforms Atelier

Bernd Serafin Thaler shoes are handmade in a small atelier at the heart of Vienna.

We work with the leading Italian shoe component manufacturers with decades of experience to guarantee highest quality. For our shoes we only use the finest of materials, sourced from some of the world’s best tanneries and mills.

Bernd Serafin Thaler strongly opposes mass production and consumerism and wants customers to learn to experience and appreciate the value of handmade shoes.

Each step is carried out by hand and begins with creating the shoe-pattern, selecting and cutting of the leather, preparing the upper, the masterly work of stretching and positioning the upper on the shoe-last, finishing and a final quality check.

Bernd Serafin Thaler Shoes Atelier
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